Peer Review

Archeologické rozhledy employs a single-blinded peer-review process. Reviewers are assigned by the editor in accordance with the editorial board. Reviewers are chosen based on their expertise; they should not be related to the authors in any way. Usually, two reviews are required for single submission, but in cases when these differ substantially, other reviews may be demanded. Based on that, the decision upon the submission is made by the editor and editorial board. This decision should be regarded as final and cannot be appealed.


The editors of Archeologické rozhledy are obliged to keep confidential all information related to the submission and its review process. The editors must not share information with any third party not involved in the review process of the particular submission.

peer review workflow (click to expand)



For Reviewers

The due date for review is set by the editor and is stated in the request for review. We kindly ask reviewers to adhere to deadlines. If these cannot be reached by the reviewer, please inform the editor as soon as possible.

The reviewer can make the following decisions:

Reviewers should clearly state their opinion and rationale for their decision. In cases when revisions are recommended, the review should be clear about what these changes are and why are they required.

How to submit a review in the OJS 3.3 interface