AI Usage Policy

Using Artificial Intelligence-based tools is not prohibited for papers submitted to Archeologické rozhledy. However, the usage is acceptable for parts and sections (typically the Introduction or Conclusion), the paper should not be AI-produced completely.

When AI has contributed extensively to the writing (typically ChatGPT), this fact must be stated in the Acknowledgements section of the paper. Production or modification of graphic content by AI software (e.g. Midjourney) is allowed for illustrative figures, but is prohibited for data-presenting figures (graphs, maps, analysis results, and others). The usage must be clearly stated in the figure caption.

When AI-powered software has been used for language refinement of an already written text (e.g. DeepL), literature research (e.g. sciteAI, ResearchRabbit) or in other ways that did not directly and significantly formulate the content of the paper, the AI acknowledgement is not mandatory.


The image was created by AI using the Hotspot AI Art Generator (