Editorial Team

Václav Vondrovský 


Václav earned his PhD in archaeology from the University of South Bohemia. He joined the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS in Prague as a doctoral researcher in 2018, continuing as a postdoctoral researcher since 2021. His main research interests are the Central European Neolithic (particularly the LBK culture and rondel enclosures) and radiocarbon dating. In 2021–2023 he was a PI in a project focused on the first farmers in South Bohemia. Recently, he has been expanding his research by focusing on the Neolithic inner peripheries.

E-mail: vondrovsky@arup.cas.cz

Tel: +420 257 014 357



Filip Laval

Technical editor

Filip earned his MA and then PhD (2014) at Charles University in Prague. Before joining the Institute of Archaeology of the CAS in 2008, he worked at the National Heritage Institute. In addition to the technical editorship of the Archeologické rozhledy journal, he is responsible for monograph publications at the Institute of Archaeology. His research interest focuses on the transformation of archaic society in the medieval period and related manifestations such as the emergence of private fortified settlements.

E-mail: laval@arup.cas.cz

Tel: +420 257 014 321